Why We Love Coding

19 Sep 2019

This week is National Coding Week so we decided to take the opportunity to talk about coding and why we love it at Hush.

It can be obvious at first to see why we love working on code, given we provide it and many other services to our clients across the North East, but we’re going to talk about how it has changed our lives both in and out of the office and why we love it!

National Coding Day at Hush

It gives us the opportunity to make our clients digital dreams a reality along with the chance to do digital differently and deliver tailored online solutions for everyone. If a client needs a bespoke booking system or intranet, we can build it by utilising coding, nothing out of the box, all completely bespoke.

Not only does it help to deliver solutions to our client’s online needs and requirements, but coding has provided people across the world easy access to sharing information, online shopping, and much more.

Coding makes a difference in people’s lives. Being able to deliver an online solution, (whether it be an app or online quote builder), which can benefit someone’s everyday life and helps them avoid any tedious tasks. It’s rewarding to know that coding could be having positive impacts on people’s everyday lives in either big or small ways.

It’s always evolving! Brand new coding tips, tricks and best practices are constantly evolving. It’s thanks to this that there’s never a boring day in the world of coding (or at Hush!) There’s always something new to learn and new ways to create.


“Every day is a puzzle when coding is involved. It’s rewarding to be challenged every day and to then create something which didn’t exist yesterday. The whole process of creating a website from scratch to then seeing the finished outcome is brilliant!”
— Chris Thompson, Senior Developer


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