Social Media Day, 10 Reasons Why We Love Social Media

30 Jun 2019

Happy #SocialMediaDay everyone!

To celebrate Social Media Day, the team at Hush have scribbled down the top ten reasons why we LOVE social media.

The Social Media Top Ten:

  1. The most important, social media platforms help us stay connected with family, friends and colleagues. Back in the day, before Facebook and other platforms, you would have to wait until a family member or friend gave you some good news, either in person or on the phone. Now you can find out in an instant with a post or tweet.
  2. Social media can help us grow business relationships. A lot of referrals for new business come via a social media channel regardless of your business.
  3. Social media channels can help us keep up to date with current affairs and breaking news in an instant. No need to wait until the 6 o’clock news to find out what is happening in the world!
  4. With social media, we are given the ability to share photos and videos with family members and friends, no need to get pictures developed and copies made at Boots!
  5. Utilising platforms like LinkedIn can open new doors for career opportunities.
  6. It can be a laugh! How many of you have a quick giggle on your lunch break at the latest funny meme?
  7. Social media opens up a new world of recommendations. How many of you go straight to your Facebook friends when looking for a specific product or service?
  8. For our clients, it helps us engage with existing and new customers while also growing overall brand awareness.
  9. Social media can be a strong tool for causes and activities. A lot of the social awareness activities that happen all around you can start with a simple hashtag, they end up taking a life of their own, grow and connect with a wider audience base.
  10. Finally, social media can help you make new friends. Take Facebook Pages and Groups, they exist for specialist interests and introduce new people to other like-minded people who have the same interests as them.

It goes without saying that we LOVE social media at Hush, from work anniversaries to birthday pictures, our Instagram is full of engaging pictures and posts.

If you need someone to help manage your social media platforms so you can make the most out of these amazing platforms, contact the team at Hush Digital today!