Slick mobile and tablet apps to streamline processes or simply keep your business in your customers’ pockets.

Why Do I Need An App?

Mobile applications for businesses are a great way to make yourselves more available to your customer. Mobile app development is needed so that you are available to your customers at all times.

The ‘Locket’ smartphone app gathered data from approximately 150,000 Android users, to determine how many times daily we check our mobile devices. The result was a shocking (yet believable!) 110 times over a 12 hour period. This works out as once every 6 to 7 minutes.

At Your Customers’ Fingertips

By making yourself available to your customers 24/7 through mobile app creation, you give yourself a chance every 6 to 7 minutes to be seen by your target audience. Consumers react well to mobile applications for the following reason: accessibility.

It’s not logistic to carry around a desktop or laptop everywhere, and sometimes even the best of responsive websites can be a bit fiddly due to the amount of content on the website. With a perfectly developed mobile app, you offer your consumers the exact information they need, all in one place and easy to access and navigate whilst on the go.

You Can’t Ignore The Figures

It’s been documented that although conversion rate is still slightly lower for websites accessed on mobile devices (3.05% as compared to 5.39% on a desktop), a larger chunk of views come from mobile.

This can often be due to the fiddly nature of viewing a website online on a small screen, typing in login details, payment details and so forth. Mobile apps are simplified, offer purely the information needed and allow users to navigate with ease. The more user-friendly you can make your business, the more successful it is likely to be. Can you afford to overlook this trend?

How Can Hush Help?

Hush Digital are experienced developers of mobile apps specialising in iOS application development and Android app development. The development team use an industry-leading mobile app development tool to develop multi-platform apps for a huge range of clients.

This allows our mobile app developers to deploy flawless multi-platform bespoke applications for our clients to allow their business more reach, instantaneous access, next level customer service and allow transaction capability for eCommerce websites.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

To give you a feel for the scope and variety of mobile apps and tablet apps that we have delivered, we have previously developed:

  • Mobile apps for charities to enhance fundraising tools, encourage income generation and add new methods of communications between the charities and key stakeholders
  • Tablet survey apps for local authorities to improve and streamline the detailed form-filling process and add a more user-friendly desktop admin panel for admin management

Got A Project For Us?

If you are looking to expand your online business we’d love to have a chat about which aspects of mobile app development you’re after. And don’t worry about complex projects or throwing in a challenge, the team especially love those!

Let’s Do Digital Differently

We’d love to help you to overcome your next hurdle within the online world. We have offices in Darlington and York, so give us a buzz and let’s arrange a coffee to discuss moving forward with your mobile app development with our app developers.

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