Why Your Service-Based Business Needs A Website

26 Aug 2022

If you are the owner of a service-based business you may be asking yourself whether you need a website or if you can get by with just having a social media presence. 

Online marketing is incredibly important these days and you should have a website for your business regardless of its purpose, product-selling or service-based. After all, having a website is the best way to reach potential customers and make conversions.

Think about it, you don’t want the competition swooping in and picking up your potential leads. This is why you should be established online and standing out from the crowd.

Here are the reasons you should have a website to help with the success of your service-based business.

A website builds trust and credibility

When it comes to businesses that provide a service to their customers, trust is one of the most important things because if your customers don’t trust you, they aren’t likely to use your services. 

You can clearly show potential customers that your business is legitimate by having a high quality website. Research shows that 84% of consumers think that having a website makes a business look more credible and reliable compared to being established on social media. 

Customers do their research online

Customers looking for specific services go online to do their research. On average, a consumer views approximately three websites before they make a decision to contact one of them for the service they require. 

Therefore if you don’t have a website showing up in Google’s search results, you really are missing a trick. Essentially, without a website you are invisible to the large volume of online customers you could be attracting. 

It really helps the customer

Online we are constantly consuming information, carrying out research and making purchase decisions. So, naturally customers will want to know the services you offer, how much you charge, when you are open, where your premises are located, and more.

Having a website provides round-the-clock customer service to offer all the information customers want in one place. This makes your business instantly accessible and flexible so that customers can find everything they need and even contact you to book a service. 

A website lets you showcase your business

In addition to providing customers with the essentials of your business, a website can be used to showcase the best things you have to offer. 

Use this as an opportunity to shine a light on testimonials and positive customer experiences  you’ve received and proudly display awards that you have achieved or been nominated for. Emphasise anything that sets your business apart from the competition. 

Goes hand in hand with digital marketing

The obvious place your digital marketing campaigns should direct customers to is your website. A website should be the main online hub for your business, while all other digital presence should circulate and lead back to the main address.

Perhaps set up a dedicated landing page your customers can be directed to from digital adverts, so they can explore and find out more about your business.

Websites are great for SEO

Ranking highly on search engines is essential in this day and age. A website that is well-optimised and has adequate SEO practices in place will make your website far more visible in the results of Google, Bing and other search engines.

Ranking well for a variety of search terms helps drive a steady stream of organic traffic, web visitors and leads. If you aren’t familiar with SEO and the tactics needed, get in touch with our team of digital marketing experts and we can help. 

Customer habits can be tracked

Having a website for your service-based business will allow you to track your performance online. The benefits of being able to track customer habits and behaviour with the help of tools like Google Analytics is invaluable. 

Behind the scenes you can set up a Google Analytics account to measure website traffic, customer behaviour, goals and the answers to any questions you may have.

You will be able to track how many people are visiting your website and specific pages, how long people stay, where they visit your website from and whether or not they complete their desired action. You can also record their demographics and interests. 

These statistics will give you valuable insight into who your customers are and help you better understand how they interact with your business. With this data you can make informed decisions on improvements for user experience and content output. 

If you’re looking to create a new, modern website to help your service-based business, get in touch with the HushBots. We create beautiful yet functional websites that entice visitors. Get in touch with us.