Let’s Go Tees Valley – Job Seeker App.

Following the success of a previous app collaboration, Let’s Go Tees Valley were keen to work with Hush for the development of their job seeker iOS app.

Let's Go Tees Valley - Job Seeker App


Let’s Go Tees Valley is a Local Authority initiative established to help provide advice and support for local people to find greener, healthier and cheaper ways to travel.

As part of their Job Seeker Engagement initiative, the team at Let’s Go travel between the region’s job centres, speaking to job seekers about their current travel arrangements and experiences, any barriers that might stop them using public transport  and provide any resources or incentives that could help boost work or training opportunities.

Let's Go Tees Valley - Job Seeker App


Let’s Go Tees Valley previously managed the Job Seeker Engagement campaigns via Survey Monkey and various spreadsheets, which required a great deal of manual processing and was proving to be a drain on valuable Advisor and Manager time.

The client, therefore, required a more streamlined and intuitive solution which would make the whole process much easier to manage, track and follow up. Let’s Go therefore required a digital solution that the advisors could manage the front-end solution from their iPad tablets, and the Managers could manage the back-end data and reporting from desktops back at the office.

Having already worked with Hush Digital on a residential app project, Let’s Go were keen to integrate the new app and backend portal with the current system to allow for easy management across both apps and admin panels.

Let's Go Tees Valley | Portfolio | Hush Digital
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Let's Go Tees Valley | Portfolio | Hush Digital


Our talented team of designers and developers delivered a slick new iOS tablet app and back-end admin portal which revolutionised the way job seeker surveys were completed. 

The iPad app was crafted from scratch, allowing Advisors to quickly and easily log in and complete the job seeker surveys. The app allows Advisors to juggle various job centres and job seekers, storing all data succinctly and efficiently.

The survey allows an Advisor to seamlessly complete 20+ question surveys for each user, including options for a user to access resources in physical or digital format, and facilities for Advisors the follow up and track progress and outcomes. All data needed to sync continuously between the front-end app and back-end portal, allowing Managers at Let’s Go Tees Valley to track completed surveys, key statistics and reporting.

The new solution has saved the client a huge amount of time and resource, allowing Lets’ Go to utilise time more efficiently in order to achieve their overall campaign goals and targets in supporting local people to find greener, healthier and cheaper ways to travel.

Let's Go Tees Valley | Portfolio | Hush Digital
Let's Go Tees Valley | Portfolio | Hush Digital - SEO


“The app has streamlined processes within this element of our Personalised Travel Planning project. Time-consuming tasks are now automated, resources can now be sent digitally, and monitoring data is more accurately recorded and stored. Hush Digital have again been fantastic to work with and not only deliver against the original brief but offer creative ideas and solutions that have produced a quality app that is more than fit for purpose.”

– Alex Kay, Darlington Borough Council

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