Introducing the UK’s very first Fishery Directory website, FISHUP, providing an online platform for the fishing community to sell and book spare fishing places.

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FISHUP is the very first directory for fisheries in the UK, offering a platform for fisheries to promote their available resources and facilities and for anglers to find and book space at a fishery in their desired location.

The idea came to the founders of FISHUP when they were searching for anglers to fill their spare fishing pegs, which was proving to be a long, frustrating process that didn’t even help fill the short-term slots.

Thus, FISHUP was born! An innovative and extremely user-friendly platform, dedicated to the fishing community to help fisheries sell spare fishing and other associated services, and help anglers easily find and book spare slots.

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FISHUP met with Hush when the business concept was still in its infancy, and so the client required support across the full digital service range.

For starters, FISHUP required branding that was very much inline with the service offering and highly engaging to the target audiences. They had the name but no logo or supporting branding collateral.

FISHUP also required the design and build of a bespoke platform that could cater for two clear types of user: fisheries looking to promote their facilities and available spaces, and anglers looking to book available space in their preferred location.

In addition to the above, as a brand new concept, FISHUP also required ongoing support to promote and market the innovate new platform to populate the directory with plenty of fisheries for users to browse on site launch.

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Hush delivered a powerful and completely bespoke online fishery directory, complete with supporting branding and ongoing marketing to promote the new concept to the target market.

We began with the creation of a new logo and tag line that instantly represented FISHUP’s service offering to the target market. Following this, we designed a slick and simple front-end that made it easy and enjoyable for the different user types to find the area relevant to them – whether that’s for a new fishery to sign-up, a current fishery to login and edit their info and availability, or for an angler looking to browse and buy available slots.

We integrated a clean navigation structure to allow anglers to browse fisheries by destination or fishing category, as well as providing informative areas for FAQs and latest news. There’s a simple fishery search tool for anglers to quickly identify their preferences by postcode, distance and category before being presented with relevant fisheries.

For fishery users, there is a full integrated admin dashboard for users to manage their profiles, features, location, reviews, pools, pricing and bookings. There is also purchasable advertising space available to user looking to boost the visibility of their fishery within key adverts across the site, encourage browsing anglers to visit their fishery over others.

Check out the end result!

Hush Digital | Web Design Darlington
Hush Digital | Web Design Darlington
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