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A superb new website for Enjoy Tees Valley, showcasing our stunning region and everything there is to do here.

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Enjoy Tees Valley is a destination brand for Tees Valley and is delivered by the Tees Valley Combined Authority. It launched in March 2018 following a gap in promotion of the area of around eight years.

Perceptions remain that the area is largely industrial and that there isn’t much to do. Enjoy Tees Valley aims to change those perceptions and position Tees Valley as a destination for short breaks and day trips, both to visitors from outside of the area and to residents to encourage movement around the boroughs within the region.

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Enjoy Tees Valley required a new website that showcased Tees Valley as a place to visit, acted as a directory of what the area has to offer for visitors and residents, could be the ultimate guide to the region’s events and festivals and presented inviting visual content including photography and film.

The new website needed to target key audiences and be flexible to accommodate regular changes, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. It needed to be highly visual to showcase Tees Valley’s beautiful coast, countryside and other attractions, and ultimately present the region as somewhere with plenty to do to change perceptions.

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Enjoy Tees Valley
Enjoy Tees Valley
Enjoy Tees Valley


Hush crafted a bespoke design that created a highly engaging, modern visual to engage key target audiences and encourage the completion of key calls to action.

Key placement of animations, film and photography were positioned throughout the site to continuously promote the beauty and attractions of the region.

We seamlessly converted the designs to ensure a responsive design across desktop, mobile and tablet devices and integrated this with a powerful WordPress back-end, creating an easy-to-use admin area for website managers to maintain and grow website content.

It was important for the website to cater for a number of key functions for Enjoy Tees Valley too. An essential feature was an integrated accommodation booking platform, with intuitive search for users to find a suitable venue based on their dates, area, guest number and much more, linking to TXGB for results and availability.

For key mapping requirements, we integrated Google Maps to allow the client to plot key attractions and distance via postcode, using colour-coded pins to link to further information and the outline of specific walking and cycling routes.

We also integrated our recommend form builder to cater for the website’s various questionnaires, competitions and surveys. Our flexible solution enables the client to create tailored forms as needed, with relevant GDPR compliance.

The result was an entirely future-proof solution that catered for Enjoy Tees Valley’s needs both now and in the future and the system needs to grow and evolve to adapt to ever-changing demands.

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Enjoy Tees Valley
Enjoy Tees Valley


“Following the launch of our destination website enjoyteesvalley.com in 2018, we soon realised that the platform we were working on was not meeting our needs. We decided to relaunch with a more cost and time-effective solution that would allow flexibility for regular content and functionality updates that could be managed in-house.

We wanted the website to be visually appealing and dynamic with the integration of video, regularly updated blog content and a smart solution for displaying a large amount of content. Hush Digital was able to provide this, whilst creating a visually stunning website which showcased our imagery and video footage in a modern and unique way.

The site is easy to navigate, and we have been able to work with the team at Hush to continually make changes to ensure the website is performing at its best. It was great that we were able to work with a talented local agency to create a platform that showcases the area, and we are really pleased with the outcome.”

Julia Lumley, Senior Marketing Officer

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