Announcing Our First Public Laravel Package!

27 Feb 2018

Here at Hush, we have been using Laravel to build client’s websites for quite some time now. Laravel gives the client and us the flexibility to create an entirely bespoke build that is tailored precisely to the client’s needs on a complex project.

So what is Laravel I hear you say? Laravel is an open-source (software where the source code can be redistributed and modified) PHP web framework which is used for the development of web applications (websites to you and me). We are increasingly making our clients websites on Laravel because of their unique individual requirements, which is something that WordPress (Our goto CMS – Content Management System) sometimes can’t support.

In the past, we have created private packages to use on our Laravel Builds and not released them to the public. But as the world of web is becoming a lot more social media orientated we thought it would be nice to publish some of our work so other developers can implement a social wall to make their websites a lot more social.

We have used our own unique social wall plugin on WordPress builds that require it, and now with all that knowledge on developing a pretty successful plugin we use time and time again for WordPress, it was time to redevelop it for our Laravel builds. With this new development, we can quickly implement it into any Laravel build with one simple configuration file and a bit of styling so it’s tailored to your website and looks unique.

What Does It Do?

The new social wall package is a simple module that can be dropped into any Laravel build, and with the correct configuration, it will display the posts you have posted from your favourite social media accounts. It currently supports posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (With the support of other social media platforms on the horizon, like LinkedIn and Pinterest) At the moment in our free package we have two templates for the social wall which will display your posts in a news feed style layout or individual blocks of three. (Obviously our top creative director Jonny will make it look different on your bespoke websites.) It can be arranged by showing the most recent posts or just a random shuffle if you feel, and you don’t need to have all three social accounts running either! Currently, on Laravel there are a couple of social walls freely available, but we wanted to create our own with code that we can trust and code that we know and understand which we can extend in the future to make it even better.

If you are interested in getting a social wall implemented in one of your websites just get in contact with one of the HushBots today, We are more than happy to help integrate this feature onto your website whether it is Laravel, WordPress or even LemonStand!