What To Look For In A New Digital Agency

6 Sep 2019

Looking for a new digital agency to work with can be a tricky task. Depending on your needs and budget, finding the right team to work with can prove one of the hardest conundrums.

What should you be looking for in a new digital provider? Let’s take a look.

Past Projects

One of the first places you should check out is the portfolio page of any prospective new agency. Their work should do the talking for them, highlighting their skills and experience while also showcasing their innovation for design and development. If you have hit an agency’s portfolio and it is looking a little sparse, you should be asking the question, why?

Make sure your new agency has a good selection of past projects covering a wide range of disciplines. Any good digital agency worth their salt will be able to showcase a wide range of work that will give you an indication of what they can produce for you.

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The Team

Time to do a little deep delve into the team you could be working with. You want to make sure that the agency possesses the skills you need, no ifs, no buts. It is pointless to work with an agency who can only do part of the project you are managing. Not only do you want to check out the experience of the guys and gals you will be working with, but you also want to check out the personality of the team. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with these people – make sure you’re going to be able

In the creative world, personality is an essential quality you want to look at. You can learn a lot about the team you are going to work with by their character, check out social media and their blogs to see how fun and creative they are in the workplace. If they are engaging online and have good content for themselves, they will be able to produce the same for you.

Something else to think about; does the current team have the depth you need? If only 3 people are working in an agency, do they have the capacity to service your needs? You need to think about the team and if they can meet deadlines for your organisation.

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Don’t Always Take Google’s Word

So, Google sometimes tells porkies. We’ve gotten used to thinking that the company or product at the top is the best. Well, we’re not saying that in digital climbing to number one isn’t a fantastic feat and shows how well an agency can grow rankings, but, sometimes the top dog isn’t always the best dog. Talk to current clients to get an idea of the new agency, talk to your network and see if their reputation holds up. Getting personal recommendations should pay a part in your shortlisting process.

Consider Performance

When you are looking for a new agency, you want to consider their performance. Do they hit their goals? Are they capable of delivering websites and digital on time? If you have a tight turnaround for a project, are they able to deliver quickly and meet your deadlines? You want to make sure that they deliver what they say they will. No half promises.

Type of Digital Agency

There are two types of agencies out there. The first, an agency like Hush. All about quality, bespoke design and not a hint of prices or costs anywhere to be seen on their website. The second, an agency who splatters their homepage with packages and prices to entice potential customers in, all substance and no quality.

These agency types will have hundreds of £200 a month clients or £500 template websites, and with the sheer mass of clients, they sacrifice quality. Themes and templates will be utilised, and content will be bland and lacking any personality. These agencies will have a high turnover in staff, meaning you won’t have a steady account manager to look after your needs.

You need a stable team, who will put quality at the top of the agenda, who will treat you how you should be and not just a replaceable commodity.

In short, deciding on a new digital agency is always going to be hard. Depending on your past experiences, you might be apprehensive about working with a new agency, but if you keep the above in mind, you will find the right team who will fit the bill.

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