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26 Mar 2018

Meet the HushBots!

A lot has changed in the last year. People have come and people have gone, and with our upcoming website redesign, we thought it was time we gave you a quick update/snapshot tour and allow you to (in)formally meet the team aka the HushBots.

Hush Digital is an innovative and inspired, Darlington based team of people who together make a team with one goal – to create bespoke digital solutions.

We offer stunning bespoke website design, and the reason we are so keen to provide bespoke web solutions is because we are only too aware that no two companies are the same. We strive to meet and exceed every single one of your requirements.

Mike (aka Big Mike)

Managing Director, Fact Man, Handyman

About Mike
Previous engineering business owner before delving into the world of web.
Lover of the occasional pint of ‘the amber liquid’.
Great believer in using a sprat to catch a mackerel.
Mike’s Order:
Latte. No sugar. Plus a lolly.
Office Tune:
Beyonce, Single Ladies
Mike’s Day:
“Good morning, good morning, good morning!”
Checks the inventory with the coffee machine.
Checks that the studio have seen all support tickets.
Enjoys a lolly given to him by Scott.
Checks where Rosie’s at with prospect 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.
Grabs some soup and loaf of bread at lunch (with or without Jonny, depends on how he’s feeling).
Plays the office a song he ‘shazamed’ over the weekend to see if anyone’s heard it.
Settles right back into official business (*cough* buying stuff) at his desk.
Enjoys another lolly given to him by the team.

Rosie (aka Princess Roz)

Business Development Director, Stiletto Sporter, Prosecco Princess

About Rosie

Queen cackler.
Self-proclaimed interior designer/photographer/designer/professional at life in general.
Master office DJ.
Sheepskin rug snuggler.
Snapchat lover.

Rosie’s Order:

Vanilla latte macchiato. Plus a kinder bueno.

Office Tune:

Missy Elliot, Work It

Rosie’s Day:

Fabulous in every way.
Answers mountain of emails & makes quick catch up calls.
Snacks on Froggles/Pom-Bears
Zooms over to new prospect meeting.
Prepares proposals.
Demands iMac screenshots and asks Scott to enhance some assets.
Complains about room temperature.
Grabs £3 meal deal from Tesco.
Snacks on prawn cocktail crisps donated by Chris W and a Kinder Bueno.
Spends the afternoon in meetings and preparing new orders for the studio.
Delivers excellent imitation of the ‘animal of the day’ or practices her Mandarin.

Jonny (aka The Lone Pigeon)

Creative Director, Prince Jonny, Biscoff Hogger
About Jonny
Creates stunning designs for web and other media all day, every day.
Commonly misspells his own name (and most other words).
Huge fan of a mid-range red after a hard week’s graft.
Doesn’t know the difference between portrait and landscape.
Has a cracking falsetto.
Jonny’s Order:
Latte. 1 sugar. Plus a packet Biscoff which he steals from Chris W. Or a pot of tea if he can be bothered to get milk.
Office Tune:
Redbone, Childish Gambino
Jonny’s Day:
Delivers a pack of Biscoff to the office only to eat them all himself.
Prepares various mock designs for presentations to meet clients’ needs.
Manages studio and communication between clients
Gets Rosie to proofread everything.
Attends client meeting to deliver design progress updates.
Prepares designs for any requested site updates.
Enjoys a chicken mayo sarnie (no lettuce) and a cuppa for lunch (with or without Big Mike, depends on how he is feeling).
Prepares various wireframes, mock designs, logos, mailers, leaflets and so on!
Feigns all knowledge of anything Rosie has asked for throughout the course of the day.

Chris W (aka Hungry Horse)

Digital Marketing Manager, Rugby Player, Domino’s Destroyer
About Chris
Guru in all things marketing.
Single pringle ready to mingle.
Office feeder.
All about the “power” when playing pool.
Chris’ Order:
Caffe Latte. 2 sugars. Plus a fig roll.
Office Tune:
Hall and Oates, You Make My Dreams
Chris’ Day:
The first person at the coffee machine in the morning.
Checks and responds to emails.
Schedules client social media posts.
Creates content & deploys when appropriate.
Constantly obsesses about his next meal.
Tries to sway the office to get a Pizza, McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King for lunch.
Plays his daily game of pool with Lewis.
Gives Scott a list of graphics to create, along with exact pixel dimensions.
Makes 4th coffee of the day and prepares digital marketing strategies for new prospects.
Works through SEO and PPC tasks for the day.
Is surprised when he offers the team a fig roll and everyone responds “ew”.

Lewis (aka Lew-dawg)

PHP prince, Resident Veggie, Security Specialist

About Lewis

An avid photographer and wilderness explorer.
Sass master and single syllable laugher.
Mary Berry at the pool table.

Lewis’ Order:

Water (in a unicorn bottle), or Hot Chocolate if he fancies it.

Office Tune:

Jennifer Hudson, Spotlight

Lewis’ Day:

Rocks up to office sporting jazzy floral trousers.
Protects websites from brute force attacks by continuously monitoring and increasing security.
Works on support tickets before Mike asks if he’s seen them.
Irons out PHP problems and makes website fixes.
Enjoys fig roll with Chris W.
Asks someone to assist him to walk into town for lunch as he ‘likes the company’.
Makes styling & DNS changes at the client’s request.
Works on WordPress & Laravel projects.
Ensures websites are fully customisable for clients (you’re welcome, guys!).
Shares his nuts of the day with the team.
Cleans coffee machine to within an inch of its life with his trusty sidekick Scott.

Tess (aka The Chaser)

Accounts Aficionado, Lemon Drizzle Legend, Arithmetician Extraordinaire
About Tess
Regular Cyprus jet-setter.
Devoted horticulturist.
Choir songstress.
Tess’ Order:
Coffee. Milk. 1 sugar. Only in the purple floral china cup.
Office Tune:
The Hollies, All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe
Tess’ Day:
There’s an awful lot to squeeze into two half days…
Fires up Sage and gets cracking with invoices.
Chases studio for new launch dates.
Chases Rosie for POs and new customer account details.
Chases Mike for receipts.
Chases outstanding invoices.

Ben (aka Dust-Ben)

Designer & Front-End Developer, Office Dust-Ben, YouTube Obsessive

About Ben

Spends most weekends chasing sheep and cows.
Has never been abroad and only ventured as far as London in 2017.
Eats anything and everything despite expiry date or where it came from.
Part of the PC Master Race.
Hates taking holidays or any time off work.

Ben’s Order:

Coffee. Milk. 1 heaped Sugar.

Office Tune:

Nobody, Skindred

Ben’s Day:

Arrives early for a game of pool before work.
Checks emails and handles support tickets.
Meticulously cracks on with a website conversions
A quick game of pool for lunch.
Eats whatever is going begging from other people’s desks
Has a good giggle to himself while watching various vines/memes and such what not.
Works on WordPress developments.
Deals with support retainer requests and carries out updates.
Finishes the day off with more pool.

Chris T

Front End Developer, Funko Pop Fanatic, Conversion Whizz

About Chris

Strict pool rules enforcer.
Serial parcel orderer.
Lucozade Sport lover (but isn’t such a fan of actual sports).
Extraterrestrial enthusiast – swears he has seen a UFO.

Chris’s Order:

Hot Chocolate. When he feels like it.

Office Tune:

Queens of the Stone Age, The Way You Used to Do

Chris’s Day:

Meets and greets client phone calls.
Checks client support tickets.
Takes first design and converts into responsive HTML at lightning speed.
Snacks on Dairylea Lunchables.
Takes more designs and converts into responsive HTML at even faster lightning speeds.
Snacks on Nik-Naks.
Builds designs into WordPress & Laravel.
Communicates progress to active clients.

Scott (aka Skirby)

Digital Marketing Exec, Photoshop Wizard, Doorman
About Scott
Film and Gaming addict.
Go-to-guy for graphics and illustrations.
Excellent colleague impressionist.
Monday hater. Or general hater of all days and everything.
Scott’s Order:
Water. Just water.
Office Tune:
Example, Stay Awake
Scott’s Day
Has a quick game of pool to start the day.
Makes the days list of graphics requested by the team.
Schedules social media posts.
Writes engaging blogs and content for clients.
Meets and greets clients and signs for parcels (as he’s always on door duty).
Nips home for quick lunch.
Puts earphones in when he wants to get some work done.
Forced to listen to Chris W complain about how lonely he is.
Accompanies Lewis in the big weekly coffee machine clean.
Joins Ben for some after work pool practice.

Dudley (aka Wudders)

Chief Canine, Snack Stealer, Trend Setter.

About Dudley

Keeps Jonny in line when things get out of hand.
Likes exactly 37 cuddles a day.
Fan of the occasional seasonal jumper.

Duds’ Order:

Water. Plus delicious doggy treats.

Office Tune:

Who Let The Dogs Out, Baha Men

Duds’ Day:

Barely gets time to ‘paws’ he’s so busy.
Arrives, receives the first dose of cuddles.
Dishes out his woofs of wisdom as he heads up the team meeting.
Poses for a photo.
Pesters Tess for shortbread.
Whinges like a champ when Jonny and Mike nip for lunch.
Second dose of attention.
Poses for another photo.
Steals a bite of Rosie’s Babybel.

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