What to do now Lemonstand, PHP and Flash are outdated?

5 Nov 2020

About a year ago, we reported in a prior blog that the Flash platform would be coming to an end in December 2020.

Now we understand that 2020 has been the year from hell. However, the countdown clock is ticking down, and very soon, if you are still on an outdated platform, things might start to get a little tricky for you and your website.

Flash: What’s Happening?

Back in the day, Flash had a good inning, who remembers playing the hundreds of Flash-based games via Internet Explorer? Well, times change, and so does technology. Over the past few years, other web standards such as HTML5 have become the bread and butter, taking over the likes of Flash. HTML5 is everywhere. Even the iPlayer is an HTML5 creation. So it has become the new king of the web standards. What has happened to Flash? Back in 2017 Adobe announced that past the 31st December 2020, they would stop distributing Flash player and its security patches will all but stop. Here’s the stickler, along with a very, very, very outdated platform such as Lemonstand, Flash will stop functioning, which means the elements of your CMS will eventually, if not straight away, stop working. You’ll not have the ability to upload content, videos and images to your site and on top of that – due to the lack of new security patches, and your website will be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Lemonstand and PHP5.6

PHP is getting a nice new update to its core, and as such, all the PHP servers are getting a shiny new upgrade. Sounds great. Well if you are still on your old version of Lemonstand, probably not. You see Lemonstand utilises an out of date version of PHP and the new PHP update brings their standards up to a new higher version. This new version is not compatible with Lemonstand, and if you are a current Hush client with a Lemonstand site, we advise you to contact us quickly so we can get cracking on a new site.

We don’t want to leave any of our clients vulnerable. If you are worried about the upcoming changes to Flash, Lemonstand and PHP, please contact us directly via our email address [email protected], and we will be able to advise you on the best way to solve this troubling issue.