Google My Business Rebrands To Google Business Profile

16 Nov 2021

It seems a lot of the things we have come to love have changed their names recently.

Facebook has taken the moniker “Meta”, while the guys over at the search engine giant, Google, have changed Google My Business.

For those of you who don’t know what Google My Business is, let’s put it simply – it is like a little business card for your business on Google.

Hopefully, when someone searches for your business, down the right-hand side of the search results, you’ll see a detailed info bar packed to the rafters with helpful information about your business. You’d possibly see things such as contact information, opening times, social media links, and if you have them, Google Reviews.

It might not seem like it, but My Business is pretty important with the rise of Branded SERPs. If a user searches for your business, the first page of Google should be full of rich content about your business. The Google My Business section of this page is like the cherry on top of the cake.

Google My Business can manage one location, or for businesses with multiple locations, you can have all of your offices, sites or stores in one easy to access portal, which is easy to update. Has a location moved? No worries, with a few clicks, you can update your business locations, and your customers will be none the wiser.

So what is changing?

Google is renaming My Business to Google Business Profile to keep things simple in 2022. Let’s not forget that My Business has gone through two other rebrands prior.

Is that it?

Au contraire… we are getting a raft of new features, and while some of the new features are only accessible to the US and Canada markets, we think the rollout will happen quickly worldwide.

You’ll now be able to:

These new features might not seem like game-changers, but they firmly put customer experience back into the customer’s hands. Customers will no longer have to click onto contact pages, live chats, or social media platforms to ask a question; they can do it all within search, making Google Search the ultimate hub for you and your business.

In addition to the new features, Google is also rolling out a performance planner to help you plan your local ad campaigns. This tool will help you set budgets for your campaigns and let you see campaign forecasts and outcomes. Handy if you need to give things a little boost – although, we are still a fan of Google Ads’ native platform for adverts.

What will change?

Well, behind the scenes, nothing much, the web interface you know, isn’t changing – it’ll just get a new name. But, you’ll have some decisions to make on the business side of things. Are you going to activate the message feature? Will you take advantage of the performance planner?

It looks like Google are making new, better changes to Google Business Profile for both businesses and customers. If you need assistance with your Google Business Profile or talk about your presence on Google, contact the team at Hush Digital today.