How To Write Engaging LinkedIn Content

29 Aug 2019

Since early 2000, LinkedIn has been established as one of the most popular Business to Business social networking channels with no sign of slowing down as more and more people signup for the platform.

As a matter of fact, LinkedIn is the most popular social networking channel which businesses and individuals use to communicate with one another and distribute content to grow their brand or individual professional appearance. But are these users making the most of what the platform has to offer, and how can they be doing more to boost their engagement and gather more connections? 

A Little Bit Of You

Even though LinkedIn is seen as a more professional social networking platform which focuses on business to business engagement, this doesn’t mean that you can’t show a little bit of you every now and again.

What do you think? Would you always have an interest and want to go back to LinkedIn if all you saw when you visited it was 100% business and professional postings. I think it would get pretty boring if you ask me. So show a bit of you now and again and make sure the content you’re posting isn’t all from your business page. That said, it isn’t Facebook so please refrain from constant personal posts such as what you had for dinner, out of office announcements (surely that’s what the email reply is for?) and the dog’s birthday – it’s probably better to keep those bits and bobs for the ‘gram!

As the saying goes: ‘people buy from people’, so a company’s team are the most valuable asset they have access to when it comes to growing an online presence. So why not try building your business and your brand through the important and knowledgeable people who work there?

Lights, Camera… LIVE

Studies and general statistics and research over the past few years have demonstrated that when it comes to growing engagement and catching the attention of your audience that people react more visual content. This includes everything from images, gifs and infographics but nothing is more popular than possibly the most valuable marketing tool in this day and age — video.

Video sharing and live streaming continue to become more and more successful amongst people of all ages as time goes on. This is evident as more and more businesses are joining the gang and are starting to publish and share business news, products or services through video content.

Video content belongs on LinkedIn if anywhere as its the perfect way to break down the content you are wanting to share into a flexible, tailored and understandable format for all to understand.

The #1 Tool You Might Be Forgetting About

If you’re managing a business account and always seem to be drawing a blank when it comes to writing a new LinkedIn post, you might be forgetting one of the most useful tools you could possibly have when it comes to content for any social networking channel — your website. 

So if you’re struggling to think of what you can write for your LinkedIn feed that will engage your audience but at the same time promote your business, your website is a brilliant place to start. It’s a tool which should allow you to take existing content and inspiration which can then be shared across multiple other platforms, to generate an interest which will eventually bring more and more traffic to your website as well as other social media channels.

Stand out from the rest!

Like any other social media platform, audiences are formed depending on the overall quality of the content you are sharing. So if you’re struggling to get your social network following off the ground or if the service you provide isn’t particularly exciting, try running competitions with a prize to win that’s in your budget to try and boost your following. Or pay more attention to the people you work with by sharing staff achievements, anniversaries or birthdays. If a competitor is providing similar services to what you are, but have a larger following to you, take a look at what they’re doing and see if you can do something similar.

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