Why Would You Risk Neglecting Your Digital Marketing?

11 Jul 2016

A number of businesses in the current marketplace are under the impression that purely having a fresh, sparkly top of the range website with all the latest features is enough to gather and retain traffic long term.

While, yes, a fully functional, feature-filled beautiful website is key to generating conversions and leads when it comes to crunch time, ultimately without a solid online presence the truth is, unfortunately, you will limit yourself where business is concerned.

Since the online marketplace is considered so intangible and almost whimsical to some, the importance of Digital Marketing can often fall to the wayside. Please allow us to demonstrate why we feel this is a risk:

(Not) Getting Yourself Out There

You are limiting yourself to a contained and minute audience, should you choose to opt against utilising the many channels available to get the word out about your website. Put simply: would you open up a brand-spanking new store, with a breathtaking interior, superior products and the best prices around, and not shout about it?

The answer is no. By doing so, you know you are limiting yourself to the few customers who stumble across the store somehow, curiosity gets the better of them and simply due to luck decide to step inside and investigate further. With the correct advertising, window displays, and news travelling by word of mouth however, footfall to store is increasing, the atmosphere is buzzing and transactions are happening!

Your digital marketing has the same effect. By optimising the website to Google’s best SEO practices you are ensuring that you have the best ranking on the page (the best spot in the street for your store). Targeting the correct keywords ensures that you are appearing for the appropriate searches (the best geographic location to attract the right audience who will be receptive). Pulling through the most appropriate and intriguing metadata ensures that the viewer has all the appropriate information before they click through, ensuring that traffic to the site is relevant and likely to convert (putting on a killer window display to draw customers in). Ensuring all content on site is fully optimised and up to date makes for a better user experience as the site offers a unique selling point to viewers, up to date information and easy to understand and retain (ensuring that all stock is high fashion and up to date, and staff members are helpful, informative and welcoming).

Thinking even further ahead, making use of Pay Per Click marketing is an additional channel you can create a buzz about your business around. With the online market being as competitive as it is today your Pay Per Click marketing can go hand in hand with your SEO in terms of encouraging traffic to site, especially if you own an eCommerce or Lead Gen site. Being unavailable on Social Media can plant a seed of doubt in a consumer’s mind as this can be perceived as being unwelcoming and rather ‘Us vs. Them’ as you are not opening yourself up to a conversation, to feedback or to quickfire customer support, and Email Marketing can really support your multi-channel strategies, encouraging conversions and updating your loyal subscribers on the latest news!

Getting Help From The Wrong Hand

If you are relatively new to the online world and strapped for time, having your marketing efforts managed for you is always a good way to go, to take the pressure off. With the lack of the

‘physical’ aspect with this phenomenon, often Digital Marketing is not considered something worth the investment when in reality, it is not something that should be taken lightly and free advice can sometimes cost you thousands.

You must remember that policies are always changing so it is important to choose someone who can develop bespoke marketing strategies for you, dependent on your specific needs, and who isn’t at a standstill in terms of their willingness to learn and study Google’s new policy updates. Here at Hush, we strive to keep as up to date as is physically possible.

Maintenance, or Lack Thereof

A common occurrence with older websites is that previous companies may have optimised for the best practice SEO at that time. With the quickfire nature of the world wide web, development is constant and we’re always being kept on our toes where best practices are concerned – like they say, the early bird catches the worm! If you’re interested in our help keeping up your marketing efforts, us HushBots would love to have a chat! Please contact us on 01324 361729.