How To Attract More Users To Your Website

25 Apr 2018

So, you’ve spent a small fortune having a new website designed and developed or you’ve given your existing web platform a lick of new paint. What now? How do you make sure you are driving quality users to your website and more importantly, how do you track the success of your site?

At Hush Digital we are upfront and honest with all of our clients and if we are 100% honest, there isn’t one proven method that fits every business type exactly. But with over 20 years experience in the digital sector, we know a few surefire ways to generate and grow those all important audiences.

Get Involved With SEO

Everyone you talk to in digital marketing will tell you that you will need an ongoing Search Engine Optimisation strategy. SEO isn’t something to be ignored. Yes, getting a new site design helps with your rankings, having an easy to navigate site for both users and search engines is paramount to gaining places in the rankings but it is what you have planned for the site going forward post-launch that’s important.

Blogging is the perfect way to introduce new content to your website on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. The beauty of blogging is that you can keep things professional for business-related content, but you can also have a little bit of fun for internal content around your staff etc.

While popping up new blogs sound like fun, there is still other work to complete on a daily basis to keep your rankings strong.

At Hush Digital we work with our clients to build up a list of keywords, their search traffic and on a monthly basis, how well they are ranking. Working on these keywords when coming up with content is critical to tracking your sites progress against the words and phrases you want to be searched for. If things need improving, this is a great way to build up a plan of action around your keywords.

While we talk about words a lot when it comes to SEO, images also help your rankings. We want to make sure that all your images are optimised for web and have all the relevant descriptions and titles.

At Hush Digital we try to avoid “blackhat” SEO techniques by spamming your site with keywords that have zero to do with your business or products. It might surprise you, but Google will actually negatively score your website for this.

Work On Your Social Skills

No matter what your business or product, there will be a social media platform to fit your requirements. Building up a faithful following on any social media channel gives you a solid platform to communicate news, new products/services and new content on your website. Social media is here to stay, it allows for a constant stream of referral traffic and should not be ignored.

Depending on your audience will dictate which social media platforms you invest time and occasionally, money in. Is your business very B2B orientated and does the thought of running a Facebook or Instagram page sound like the wrong fit? Don’t worry, many organisations get amazing engagement from platforms like LinkedIn and even Twitter for B2B messaging and advertising.

Remember, as with your blogging, try to have a balance of posts – mix things up a little bit, if you have an office birthday, pop a quick tweet up with a picture. You might be sat thinking, this isn’t going to drive business to my website, but it will drive engagement and help increase your follower base. Increasing your followers gives you a greater opportunity to highlight your business, products and services to a greater audience.

Don’t worry if you have a busy schedule and the thought of sitting down and writing days and days worth of social content is overwhelming. The HushBots are here to help. Armed with the most up to date social software, we are able to work on practically every social media platform for all of our clients. Worried about out of office posting? Don’t worry, we have you covered for that also – even for Instagram!

Invest In Some Advertising

Yes, we can hear you from here – you’ve just invested in a new website, so why should you invest more money in advertising the fact? Well, if you want to reach new users, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and put your hands in your pocket and pay a little. Don’t worry though, you can invest a conservative amount of money and really see some quick results. Combined with new advertising platforms from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – you can really define your target audience meaning you can engage with those potential customers that you really want.

Shout It From The Hilltops

If you have an existing customer base on your CRM don’t forget to get the most out of your data. Obviously, with the upcoming changes to data protection with GDPR, you need to make sure that your customers have agreed to be marketed to.

Regular email updates to your customer base is a great way of communicating new products, services and news. 20 years ago, you would have had to design, print and post a newsletter out to your contacts. Don’t worry, the future is truly here! Working with our clients, Hush creates, builds and sends bespoke newsletters every month, sending out thousands of emails to new and existing customers.

Keep Your Website Secure

Is your site secure? We don’t mean is the CMS password protected, what we mean is, is the site secure for your users? Recently, Google announced that sites which don’t carry an SSL certificate would see a little drop in their rankings. Google as a whole looks favourably at sites that are trusted, secure and certified so why shouldn’t you have a valid SSL certificate on your site?

Track and Analyse

Doing all of the above can be a lot to track and analyse. However, using the most up to date software and social media tools the team at Hush can run detailed reports and engagement stats for any of our clients.

Want to know what was your best post on Instagram? We have you covered. Want to know what your competitions posting schedule is like? Give us the names and we can sort that out for you. If you need to know how users are getting to your site and what pages are the most popular and what pages need improvement, we can run bespoke reports to tell you. Really want to know the demographics of your followers on social media in order to better improve your messaging? We can work that out for you.

Every client of Hush Digital receives a bespoke client report at the end of every month, no hidden stats for hard to read analysis, we tell you in black and white how well your digital marketing is performing.

If you need any advice, help or need a full digital marketing solution for your site, contact the digital marketing team at Hush Digital, we will be more than happy to help!